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 OptionNavigator.com - Service Review

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With the latest hype about Binary Options Trading, there are many new websites introducing automated trading systems to entice the traders or clients out there. Automated Trading Systems or simply Bots are the latest trend now to prepare you as a trader with near accurate Signals.


Optionavigator does not offer free Demo account but if you can check with your Binary Options Broker to see if they are affiliates with them. If your broker is an affiliate, then you are able to use their services. It seems like this optionavigator select OptionTime as their preferred broker. So you can get to use their services for free if you have $200 or more in your account.


Barely a few months old, I searched the Internet and found out that the website is operated by the same people who operate Binary Pilot. The new website already has a disgruntled client who claims that the help desk is bad and the system is unstable. Because of the instability, he wasn’t able to perform any trades at all and now facing difficulties of closing his account.


Anyway, the website claims to be 72.5% accuracy in their trades and have 80% of their clients making profits from using their system. But this is a review from a trader’s blog on a European forum website. So this website is very new and not much information can be obtained from the Internet.


My piece of advice: if you are already had an account with OptionTime, then you can use Optionavigator for free. If not, you would want to wait a while until this website is more widely used by traders around the world.


There are already many established Binary Bots systems out there, so why don’t you check them too before deciding your choice?